Ron Schlitt

As a facilitator, coach, consultant, instructor, and guest speaker, Ron Schlitt has the privilege of working with individuals, teams, and organizations to reignite their hope to excel into a stronger future. Ron has worked in corporate leadership development for the past 20 years. His expertise is providing Strengths Based Leadership coaching and personal development to all levels of organizations. He has worked with almost every demographic of the working population in developing and leading individuals to successful corporate life from their entry to exit. Ron’s experiences are in Human Resource Development, design and implementation of programs; consulting to government; non-profit organizations; public international corporations and is a regular guest college instructor. He is a consultant, coach, facilitator, author, guest speaker and trained as a Strength’s Performance Coach with the Gallup organization. Little excites Ron more than seeing potential turned into performance. He is president of The Stronger Group Consulting Corp. and lives in British Columbia, Canada. 


Turning Potential Into Performance


See Ron’s zoom interview with Jody Phil from Thirdspace Charity HERE.  

As a guest on the FBC Perspectives podcast, Ron chats with Pastor Kevin Green about turning potential into performance and using Strengthsfinder to develop oneself. Listen to the full podcast episode HERE


The first thing Ron Schlitt makes clear in his new self-help guide, The Square Root of You, is that everyone has a mission and a calling in life. Even if you feel adrift in your current situation, there is a path out there for you to follow and a purpose you need to achieve.

Schlitt hopes that learning this will get you fired up about your true passion and potential. His optimistic essays and advice will help you seize the day and discover who you are and who you want to be.

Schlitt’s essays include discussions about

  • the importance of getting to know yourself,
  • the labels we give ourselves and others,
  • the difference between reaching potential and releasing potential,
  • the need to live an authentic life,
  • the ways you can learn from past mistakes, and
  • other important lessons about your personal journey.

Schlitt uses the concept of your “square root” to talk about your core—the basic foundation of your personality and your life. By going back to your roots, you can discover your potential, develop your passion, and determine your purpose!