My BEST Communication
(Ron Schlitt)

Purpose: To improve communication skills and become aware of personal styles as well as the styles of others you work with.

Here is an easy-to-follow instrument that helps individuals understand the impact of their style in the communication process. Most individuals are unaware of how his/her personality is expressed when communicating with others. Four main styles are identified and clarified with suggestions and strategies for personal development.

The workshop will begin with an 18-item instrument that can be quickly completed, scored, and interpreted during the training session. My BEST Communication Style is a stimulating, interactive lecture that will increase understanding amongst co-workers and assist in building healthy communication skills for your team.

Strengths Based Leadership
(Ron Schlitt)

Strengths Based Leadership will give a new awareness of your strengths as a leader, and give new suggestions for investing in leadership-focused development. Strengths Based Leadership will also give specific suggestions for meeting the basic needs of those who follow you in leadership. The path to strengths based leadership starts with a deep understanding of the strengths you bring to the table and of the strengths of those you are leading.

  1. The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths. By focusing on the strength of employees, and investing in strengths development, employee engagement increased 73%.
  2. The most effective leaders surround themselves with the right people and then maximize their team. While the best leaders are not well rounded, the best teams are. Top performing teams have equal representation of themes within each of the four Strengths domains.
  3. The most effective leaders understand their followers’ needs. People follow leaders for very specific reasons, and followers can describe exactly what they need from their leaders with remarkable clarity.

Stress, Anxiety, and High Performance
(Barb Egan)

Stress and anxiety are like holding a glass of water in your outstretched arm. Think about them for a short time and everything is fine. Think about them for a longer period of time and they begin to feel uncomfortable. And if you think about them all of the time, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything. Imagine how this can impact how you feel, how you perform. Learn practical strategies from a former professional athlete and coach, and specialist in performance anxiety on how to overcome these common obstacles.

Emotional Intelligence
(Angela Pomeroy)

Angela Pomeroy holds an M.Ed (specializing in adult and workplace education) from the University of Calgary and a BA (psychology) from UBC.  Additionally, Angela has certificates in Leadership and Change (Okanagan College), Non-Profit Sector Management (Vancouver Community College); Systems Thinking and Advanced Facilitation (Royal Roads University). She has over 20 years of workplace training and learning experience in a variety of industries, but primarily in various levels of Government. Her passions are in the areas of leadership development, Emotional Intelligence facilitating, coaching and collaborative communication and Angela has developed learning strategies and coordinated complex training plans successfully for both non-profit and government organizations.

Fueling Your Workday Productivity: Part A
(Tristaca Curley)​

In this presentation, sports nutritionist Tristaca Curley will discuss the importance of food to fueling your performance. We will discuss what to eat before, during, and after activity and how your overall training diet impacts energy, health, and strength. Tristaca has been a Sports Nutritionist for Dalhousie and Acadia University, the 2011 Canada Winter Games, the Kelowna Rockets, Okanagan Hockey Academy, and the National Coaching Institute.

Burnout and Emotional Fatigue
(Pam Moss)

Pam is a dynamic communicator, who encourages businesses on a national level. Having gone through a clinically assessed burnout herself, she can relate first hand to high performance go-getters. Instead of approaching the topic with more “to-dos” for the employee (exercise, meditation, meal prep, etc) she focuses on the underlying aspects of burnout such as input/output ratio and confronting motives that encourage change, “Am I who I want to be?” and how to get there.

Managing Your Anger at Work
(Mark Gordon)

This workshop can be from 1-6 hours depending on the need of the organization. It covers the cause and effect of anger, and provides tools to understand and manage anger in a positive way.

Healthy Relationships at Work – This workshop is between 4 -12 hours depending on the needs of the organization. It is designed for couples but can be adapted for any team.

Five Pillars of a Healthy Relational Culture – This workshop is 5 sessions and teaches teams how to build a healthy relational culture within an organization.

Mark is also able to tailor a workshop to an organizations needs on a variety of subjects around empowerment and leadership development.


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