Working hand in hand with local non-profits, the Be Stronger program exists to equip young people transitioning back into society with the skills and tools essential for health physically, emotionally, and in relationships. 

A special thank you to the generous donors and partners who make this program possible!
If you’d like to learn more about the Be Stronger program and partner with us as a donor, please 
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Karis Support Society is a non-profit organization that provides recovery-focused programming, counselling and support to vulnerable, at-risk expectant women, women with babies or toddlers, women working towards reunification with their children and single women with no dependents, living in poverty, homelessness or at-risk of homelessness.

Karis participants are women whose negative experiences have led to substance  misuse or mental health challenges, which have negatively impacted their lives and they are now actively working on personal recovery.


Since 1998, NOW Canada has been providing front-line programs and services for women and youth who have experienced addictions, abuse, sexual exploitation and mental health challenges.

Services are provided in a safe and welcoming environment, allowing participants to embark on the road to recovery with dignity.  Our unique comprehensive continuum of care supports participants from the first moment they connect with our programs until they are confident and secure enough to transition to independence.