Non-profit organizations have little to no funds for adequate staff support and our community care workers are suffering from stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue. Equipping them with the necessary tools for emotional health will increase productivity and produce longevity in their respective roles, therefore being able to better serve those in need and transition. The Stronger Groups delivers these revitalizing tools to the staff of qualifying local charities. 

A special thank you to the generous donors and partners who make this program possible!
If you’d like to learn more about the Be Strong @ Work program and partner with us as a donor, please contact us here. 


Our desire is to help create holistic sustainability within organizations that are directly providing hope. This will allow them to efficiently and effectively, deliver services that provide hope, build community and allow each individual an opportunity to succeed in their own way.

Alder Foundation’s focus on holistic sustainability supports organizations in their becoming fiscally responsible and well funded, while also assisting them in creating a culture in which their leaders are well cared for.